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Billie Bust Up is a musical 3D Platformer with cute characters and catchy villain songs!


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Billie Bust Up Cat Pirate

Becoming a Patron will directly help towards the development of Billie Bust Up. As a Patron you will be eligible for various rewards including Discord titles, access to testing demos and merchandise. Click the button above and check out the different tiers.



  • When will this game be released?
    We have an internal release date that we cannot give out at this time. We must be in agreement with our publisher before we can start giving dates out.
  • Will this game be on consoles?
    We are optimizing and building this game with the INTENT of porting to consoles. This means paying attention to our VFX, building shaders with the intent of console porting etc. However, we do not want to promise console releases when we have not yet got the game working on a console. To avoid disappointment, we are saying PC for now, and maybe consoles down the line!
  • Will the game be localized?
    The current plan is to add subtitles for the following languages (this may be subject to change): French German Spanish Chinese Japanese Portuguese
  • Can I voice act for your project?/ Can I work on your project?
    We either have no roles available or you can check our jobs page to see if we have any listings available and send your application over at Please do not send cold emails, only apply when a job availability is open.
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